Pensacola, FL

We love our Eco Probiotic System. It has made a big difference in our family's health and gives us peace of mind regarding the air quality of our home. We can now breathe easier! And Eco Probiotic's customer service and integrity is unparalleled! We were treated with great care, sensitivity, and consideration - something so rare these days. We highly recommend this company.

Dr. Sahid A.
Seattle, WA

I am absolutely in love with my Eco Probiotic System. I bought this product because I (and many members of my family) suffer from asthma and it has worked wonders. Not only do I breathe better but the frequency of my attacks have gone down. I would highly recommend purchasing this product especially if you have asthmatic problems like I do!

Michael D.
Niagara Falls, NY

I really felt the need to write this letter so others could see a testimony from a truly satisfied customer. I have installed the Eco Probiotic System throughout my home, which is in excess of 2800 sq. feet. The results of these machines has far exceeded my expectations. I have 2 children with asthma, and their lives have been made better and more enjoyable than we thought would ever be possible. There are way to many benificial aspects to these units to even mention here. Thank you so much for such an excellent product..

Yafa B.
Wichita, KS

I want to thank you for your help back in February with selecting the Eco Probiotic System. The unit has performed exactly as you had indicated, especially impressive as I was somewhat skeptical that the unit would control dust. Indeed, a major dust problem in a 50 year old home is now history. I am so pleased that I just ordered another unit from you for use in a second home. Your service has been great—keep up the great work!!

Erica N.
Galveston, TX

I am very pleased with the results having installed my Eco Probiotic System for my place of business. The system works better than I thought possible. I have used a similar product from another company for years but I never received the same response as my new system has done. I would recommend Eco Probiotic System to anyone who is in the market for cleaner air.

Amanda I.
Palm Springs, CA

It's been a great experience. My allergies have troubled me for years and I'm finally getting some relief thanks to Eco Probiotic Systems. Also, everyone who works at Eco Probiotic Systems is lovely and friendly. Makes calling them as enjoyable as it can be!

Lauren S.

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