Pet Dander Allergies

What is Pet Dander?

Pet dander refers to the microscopic flakes of skin that your pet sheds. These tiny flakes of skin, fur and feathers are released into your home’s air supply, which sends them settling all over your home. No matter how often we vacuum or clean our homes, some level of these impurities always manages to stick around.

How Does Pet Dander Affect Me?

Around 15% of households in this country deal with allergies related to cats, dogs and other pets. Pet dander can cause those who are allergic to react in different ways. Sneezing and/or a runny nose, itchy/watery eyes and coughing are all symptoms of pet dander allergies. Some can also experience rashes as well as facial pain.  Many people believe the only way to get rid of pet dander related allergies is to get rid of the animal entirely. Though out of love for their beloved pets, many people simply endure their allergies daily. End the constant suffering with Eco Probiotic Mist and start enjoying your best furry friend, without all the itching and sneezing.