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let Eco Probiotic Systems help you achieve a level of clean and freshness never experienced before in your home.

Eco Probiotic Systems is ideal for anyone that wants better air quality in their home or office. Its formula, which is free of harmful chemicals, has the power to completely eliminate offensive odors and decrease the number of allergens lingering in your home. It has the power to change your lifestyle so that you can breathe better than before.

Residential Products

Eco Probiotic Systems Balancing System is suitable for a variety of indoor spaces, including homes and small offices.

Commercial Products

Seventy percent of buildings do not clean HVAC components and air ducts because they lack a solution.

Why Probiotics?

By spreading probiotics throughout your home, good bacteria consume all of the food sources available which starve out the bad bacteria.

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We stand behind our product, and we’ll work with you to ensure you have a positive experience.


"It has been a great experience. My allergies have troubled me for years and I'm finally getting some relief thanks to Eco Probiotic Systems. Also, everyone who works at Eco Probiotic Systems is lovely and friendly. Makes calling them as enjoyable as it can be!"

Lauren S.

Palm Springs, CA


Eco Probiotic Systems makes it easier for you to protect what means the most to you. With our organically-grown probiotic strain known as Bacillus Ferment, this strain works on an infinitesimal level and constantly releases a plethora of tiny-sized probiotics that cleanse the air and surfaces.

Thus, making sure your home or business’ environment is healthy. This proven method uses the power probiotics offer via air purifier systems to remove the organic matter – dead skin cells, dust mite excrement, and pollen – found on all kinds surfaces. With Eco Probiotic Systems’ line of purifiers, you can improve any building’s air quality and the purity of its surfaces. It will also help in decreasing and preventing offensive odors that microbes and other contaminates often cause.

Return balance to your indoor spaces with helpful probiotics, using our all-natural, chemical-free purifiers. It’s not just safe for humans but pets too.

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About Eco Probiotic Systems

Eco Probiotic Systems has been spending the last several years examining bacteria and coming up with ways to use probiotics to better our living and working spaces. This has enabled us to come up with the best probiotic bacteria strand and are in the process of making it available to everybody. With our strand, your home or business’ environment will become nearly 99% free of harmful bacteria that lead to respiratory problems.