Reduce Allergies

Studies show that over 50 million Americans suffer from indoor allergies each years. People spend a majority of their time time indoors, and we don’t need to suffer with all of the hardships and struggles that indoor allergies can bring us. At Eco Probiotic Systems, ensuring that our homes are clean and allergen-free is incredibly important to us. With so much time spent indoors, many people are left to wonder — what is causing our allergies, and is the overall air quality of our homes a contributing factor?The air quality of our homes does indeed contribute to our allergies. Allergens can be found virtually everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to indoor air, however, allergens can be found in many different parts of our homes. Every aspect of our home has the potential to harbor dust and other allergens that contribute to our discomfort. Everything from carpets and bedding to furniture and other surfaces can potentially contain bacteria that contribute to allergies. While allergy season can cause more people to experience allergies or allergy-like symptoms, there are specific symptoms that likely mean that you suffer from indoor allergies. Some of these include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Congestion
  • Itchy/Watery Eyes

While this list isn’t complete by any means, if you find that you experience these symptoms while indoors, it’s entirely likely that you suffer from indoor allergies.

How Can We Treat Indoor Allergies?

Because of the fact that our homes contain many different types of allergens, the first step to treating indoor allergies is giving our homes a thorough cleaning. Cleaning our homes in a way that takes care of allergies, though, is not as simple as it may seem. Products that claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria really only provide you with temporary solutions. While they may initially kill allergens and bacteria, relying on products like these will cause bacteria to build immunity to these products, eventually growing stronger and returning to your bedrooms, bathrooms and other parts of your home. Additionally, many of these cleaners also contain harsh chemicals that can actually make your allergies worse, as these chemicals get released into your home’s air supply. Luckily, Eco Probiotic Systems is here to help.

Through the use of our whole-house air purifiers and other probiotic-driven air purification products, you can give your home the thorough cleaning that it deserves, effectively reducing the amount of allergens in your home. Our products are all natural, safe and highly effective. Through the power of probiotics, our products release good bacteria into the air, cutting off the air supply of bad bacteria and effectively removing them from your home. Unlike other products that do so with the use of harsh chemicals, our all-natural cleaning products do so in a way that is safe for both your family and the environment.

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