Disadvantages of Portable Air Purifiers

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While there are many different varieties of air purifiers on the market, many people tend to think that portable air purifiers are an adequate solution to purifying the air of your home or business. In this blog, we will look at a few of the disadvantages of using a portable air purifier, showing you just how inadequate they are at providing you with top performance and noticeable results.

Portable Air Purifiers Are Limited

Being that they are smaller by nature, portable air purifiers are limited in the amount of air that they can purify. Investing in a single portable air purifier will be adequate if you are only looking to purify the air of one specific room or area of your home, but if you are looking to get the effects of a whole home air purification system from a portable air purifier, you’ll have to invest in multiple units. In order to get similar results from a portable air purifier, you will have to invest in as many units as you have rooms in your home. While this is not only costly (as you will find out in our next point), this still will not be nearly as effective as a whole home air purifier.

Portable Air Purifiers Can’t Do Everything

Portable air purifiers are effective but not flawless. One of the main differences between the level of performance and quality of a portable air purifier vs a whole home air purifier is the amount of airborne contaminants that they can remove from your air. A majority of portable air purifiers that are available can remove moderate amounts of impurities, but if you’re looking for higher performance, you may be out of luck. Most portable air purifiers are unable to remove larger particles from the air like pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and dust mites. All of the aforementioned irritants are among the major causes of indoor allergies, and investing in an air purifier that doesn’t effectively remove them from your home’s air supply means that you’ll notice less of a difference in your home’s air quality as well as your overall health.

Portable Air Purifiers Require Maintenance

Though they are smaller than whole home air purifiers, portable air purifiers require a considerable amount of maintenance. From replacing the filters to cleaning the purifiers themselves, investing in a portable air purifier isn’t as simple as plugging it in and letting it do it’s magic. Not keeping up with regular maintenance can not only make your air purifier less effective, but it can also be harmful to your health.

Portable Air Purifiers Can Be Invasive

While they are portable in theory, in many cases, an air purifier that’s going to provide you with a decent level of performance may not be as portable as you might think. While yes, they are technically able to be transported from one area to another, they can also be large and heavy, thus making them a bit more difficult to move if you desire to do so. Additionally, with them being larger in size and weight, they take up more space in your home or business, making them invasive to your overall space.

Portable Air Purifiers Can Be Noisy

In addition to requiring maintenance, being flawed, and encroaching on your living space, portable air purifiers sometimes have a tendency to be noisy. While air purification systems serve a wide variety of purposes in relation to cleaning the air of your home, many people run them at night to help those who suffer from indoor allergies. While running a portable air purifier in your home may improve the overall quality of the air, it’s noisy and disruptive nature will likely cause those in your home to have trouble sleeping. Additionally, if you’re running one in your place of business or office space, the noise can be disruptive to those trying to focus on work.

Those are just a few reasons why portable air purification systems are not as effective as whole home air purification systems. At Eco Probiotic Systems, we are committed to providing you with the absolute best in home air purification. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies caused by pollen, struggle with the lingering dander of a beloved pet or just wish to improve the air quality of your home overall, you deserve clean and pure air in your home or business. Contact Eco Probiotic Systems to make the change today.